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We boast an international team of translators and proof-readers, meaning that we can handle a wide range of linguistic combinations. We always translate into our native language so that the texts produced are natural and flowing, while transmitting perfectly the meaning and intentionality of the source text. We embark upon all types of texts from the sporting and outdoor activities sector, along with active tourism texts.

Text translation

Let your voice cross borders and reach out to a wider audience by offering your content in different languages. Let millions of new potential clients and followers get to know you and learn about your experiences, products or services. We can help you gain in visibility and get your message across to more people!

We cover all types of texts supporting outdoor sports and recreation industries:

Marketing: product or service presentation, labels and packaging, catalogs, brochures, flyers, signage, press releases, newsletters, promotional and sales materials…

Technical: safety instructions, user manuals, technical notices, tips for maintenance, product description and specifications, tutorials…

Business: internal communications, corporate documents and reports, presentations, financial reports, commercial agreements…

Blog posts

Social media posts

Proofreading, editing and revisions

Drafting errors (either grammatical or other types) are not issues that are solely detected by linguists. These mistakes disrupt the flowing nature of the next, create confusion and mean clients have to re-read the same line twice. Reading becomes awkward and leads to a distrust of the source, that is, your product, service or brand.

Have you drafted content for your website, your products and services brochure and wish for your brand to display seriousness and credibility? We will help you to give your texts that finishing touch so that they attract clients while conveying professionalism and trust.

Text correction (monolingual texts): we work directly with the target text, paying attention to grammatical structures, linguistic appropriacy, drafting and style. In this way, your texts will have a suitable register for their target audience, while displaying the fluidity and naturality required to endow your product with that extra boost.

Proofreading of translations (bilingual): we compare the original text and its translation to detect possible translations errors, omissions or other types of issues, as well as undertaking a review on grammatical aspects, spellchecks, possible lexical or terminological issues, or any matters pertaining to style and drafting.

Website, app & software localization

Localizing your website into different languages will help you gain more international attention and visibility. What’s more, we know about SEO techniques and how important they are to drive traffic to your site, so we can apply SEO criteria to optimize your website positioning in the translated version, too.

Have you developed a new app or software? Needless to say, if you offer a localized version in different languages you’ll have better chances of placing your software in other markets.

For your peace of mind, we would like to add that we work together with a technical advisor when translating apps, websites and software to guarantee the best technical management and provide the best localization service for you.


Do you work hard on producing corporate videos or audiovisual materials to show off your products? Do you make tutorials or documentaries about your trips or adventures? We thought so! So why don't you go a step further by including subtitles in them to gain a worldwide audience?

Filmmakers, YouTubers, adventure athletes, outdoor sports companies and manufacturers of climbing equipment, mountain sports products, performance footwear and clothing… Let outdoor sports enthusiasts fully enjoy and understand your videos!

We have a world to explore!